Boys Tryouts #2

Tryouts #2

Welcome to Utah Summit Lacrosse Club! We are excited to host our program-wide tryouts for the upcoming 2022/2023 Fall & Summer Seasons. Players will tryout to compete with the top lacrosse program in the state of Utah.

  • Dates

    August 15, 2022

  • Location

    The Waterford School

  • Age Groups

    All Graduation Years - 6-8pm

  • Registration Dates

    Registration is open until Aug 10th.

  • Price

    $50 per player

  • What to bring

    All necessary lacrosse equipment, cleats, water bottle, protective cup, and a numbered pinnie. All players should apply tape to their helmet and write their FULL NAME in Marker.

Each team will compete in 3 Tournaments this upcoming Fall/Winter Season. High School teams will travel to the east coast for a recruiting tournament/event.

Full Tournament Schedules can be found here.