Financial Aid Policy

Financial Aid Policy

Financial Aid Policy for Utah Summit LC:

1. Objective:

a. Utah Summit LC is committed to making lacrosse accessible to all individuals, regardless of financial constraints.
b. The Financial Aid Program aims to provide opportunities for participants who demonstrate financial need to participate in Utah Summit LC programs.

2. Eligibility:

a. Financial aid is available to individuals or families who can demonstrate financial need.
b. Eligibility for financial aid will be determined based on a confidential review of the applicant's financial information.

3. Application Process:

a. Applicants seeking financial aid must complete and submit a Financial Aid Application Form, which can be obtained from the club's website or by contacting the club administration.
b. The application must include all required supporting documentation, such as income verification or other relevant financial information.
c. All financial aid applications and supporting documents will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

4. Evaluation and Awarding:

a. Financial aid applications will be reviewed by a designated committee within Utah Summit LC.
b. The committee will assess the applicant's financial need based on the information provided.
c. Financial aid awards will be granted on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the available funds and the number of qualified applicants.
d. The amount of financial aid awarded will vary depending on the individual circumstances and the available resources.
e. Applicants will be notified in writing of the financial aid decision.

5. Terms and Conditions:

a. Financial aid is intended to assist with program fees and may not cover the full cost of participation.
b. Recipients of financial aid are expected to comply with all the policies and guidelines of Utah Summit LC.
c. Financial aid awards are valid only for the specified program and time period.
d. Financial aid is not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash or applied retroactively.
e. Participants who receive financial aid may be required to contribute a portion of the program fee based on their financial situation.

6. Confidentiality:

a. All financial information provided by applicants will be kept strictly confidential.
b. The financial aid committee and club administration will handle the information with care and will only use it for the purpose of evaluating financial aid eligibility.

Please note that the financial aid program is subject to change, and Utah Summit LC reserves the right to modify the financial aid policy at its discretion. It is advisable for applicants to review the policy periodically for any updates or changes.