Utah Summit Lacrosse Club is the ONLY West Coast Starz Affiliate program in the State of Utah!

We are proud to be the exclusive program affiliate to the West Coast Starz program in the state of Utah. Utah Summit Lacrosse Club has exclusivity for its member players to tryout, participate, and compete within the West Coast Starz lacrosse program.

Utah Summit LC is the only lacrosse club in the state of Utah that can provide direct player nominations & referrals for participation in the West Coast Starz program.

  1. WCS Player Referral Requirements
    • Eligible Players must fulfill the level of play required to participate with West Coast Starz.
    • Eligible Players must fulfill all membership requirements set forth by Utah Summit LC. This includes but is not limited to registration, fees, code of conduct adherence, and participation in Utah Summit LC practices, tournaments, and events.
    • Eligible players agree to maintain their eligibility throughout the affiliate partnership between Utah Summit LC and West Coast Starz. Any player who is deemed no longer a member of Utah Summit LC, will no longer be eligible to participate or compete with West Coast Starz.