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Utah Summit LC is committed to creating a lacrosse experience for boys and girls that will aid in their personal and athletic development. Our programs will improve lacrosse skills and IQ and also build confidence, mental toughness, selflessness, and respect for others.

At the helm of our program are PLL Professionals Will Manny, Adam Ghitelman, Bubba Fairman, and Meg Whittle. Click HERE to view our Directors and Coaching Staff.

We are excited to enter a new era for Utah Lynx LC. We are committed to creating the best lacrosse club in Utah. We are driven to educate, inspire, and provide the framework to develop elite lacrosse players AND young women. Our aim is to develop leadership qualities through the sport of lacrosse and ultimately empower young women for a lifetime of impact long after they graduate from the Utah Lynx Lacrosse Club.


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The Utah Lynx LC staff is comprised of the top coaches in the state of Utah, and it's not even close! From NCAA Coaches and Players to NCAA National Champions to International Medalists - our staff has the experience to deliver the knowledge to our players that will lead them to excellence. Our directors and coaching staff have played, trained, coached, connected, and experienced WOMEN'S LACROSSE at the highest levels. We know what it takes to be great in the women's game, and we will deliver the motivation to our athletes to achieve those goals and standards on the lacrosse field.

  • Megan Whittle

  • Lula Moore

  • Kimber Hower

  • Zoe Totland

  • Haley Taylor

  • Eva Thorn